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About (DRFnet)Edit

The forum is a great meetingplace for all Drag Racer worldwide and the raising community for the #1 racing game on mobile devices, since it was opened on 21st May, 2011. The DRFnet-author DRF_StagFly is co-working with Creative Mobile.

Content: About gamesEdit

  • News and update info, general questions and FAQs about the games
    • "Drag Racing" for Droid
    • "Drag Racing Premium" Amazon app for Droid
    • "Drag Racing" for iOS (iPad, iPhone)
    • "Drag Racing - Bike edition"
  • Report and discuss bugs in game and get informed by the developers!
  • Make suggestions to the game
  • Report Cheaters
  • Link Collection

Content: About forum and forum extras Edit

  • Monthly forum challenges - Top Tuner of the month for solo-players and teams. Win DR$, respect points and T-Shirts)
  • Drag Racing VIP's internal meeting place
  • (VIPs are the best Drag Racers with 10 times Hall of Fame! CM suffer them with news and prereleases)
  • Drag Racing polls
  • About the forum
  • Offtopic forums
  • German Forum - Deutsches Unterforum

Content: Meeting- and marketplace Edit

  • Find friends and teams.
  • Meet players online
  • Team challenges
  • Internal team-forums

Content: The Garage - All Drag Racing cars Edit

  • General informations and characteristics about the cars.
  • Help other users or request tips for techniques, upgrades and tuning.

Content: Drag Racing Hints and Tricks Edit

  • Technical school: Perfect launch, Upgrades general, Gear shift, Tuning cars - basics
  • Racing & gaming: Subforums: "Buy or don't buy" cars, Offline/friends racing, boss battle, money & rp, Online Racing & Pro League

Content: Top times - World records/champions

  • World record ticker. Submit and watch new world records.
  • World Champions: The best drag racers with their 7,5 mile times
  • Watch the user's top times, sorted by distance and level.
  • Watch different achievements in Drag Racing, like Hall of Fame, Speed and Awards & Stats

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